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Of all the tools in a camper’s toolkit, a camping axe is one of the most versatile, useful items that you can bring with you on your next outdoor adventure. Whether you’re going on a survivalist retreat or you’re just camping for the weekend, an axe is a great tool that has a wide variety of uses.

You should always bring along a tool that has cutting or chopping capabilities, such as an axe or a camping knife. Food preparation, chopping wood, and clearing brush are just a few common uses for a durable camping axe. If you’re camping, hiking or mountaineering in winter, you should rather consider ice axes.

What To Look For In A Camping Axe

There are a few key things to look for when searching for a camping axe for your next camping trip. Many campers think that all axes are the same, but that’s far from the truth!

Pay attention to the materials that the axe is made from. Most quality axes are made from high-carbon steel or stainless steel with a strong, sturdy handle.

Avoid axes with hollow plastic handles or other materials that may not stand up to strong blows when chopping wood or clearing debris.

Camping axes come in quite a few sizes as well. You may not want to bring an axe designed for fell trees, but you’ll also want one large enough to handle tough terrain.

The Iunio Camping Axe with Sheath is a solid choice for a camping axe. Not only is it extremely durable and reliable, but it also comes with tons of extra features and accessories!

With an overall length of just under 17-inches, this axe is substantial without being overwhelming. Designed to be versatile and reliable, this axe can do it all.

The axe head is forged from high-carbon steel and the shaft is made from a sturdy aluminum alloy. 

You can adjust the length of the axe by using one of the multiple handles that are included. Shorten your axe for close-quarter use, make it longer for additional power. The back of the axe head also doubles as a hammer. You’ll also get a compass and an emergency whistle included with your purchase!

  • High-carbon steel axe head
  • Multiple handles for various cutting situations
  • Extra accessories, including a sheath, whistle, and compass
  • Not every camper needs all the included accessories

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable axe that will get the job done, look no further than the Coleman Camp Axe. Coleman is a trusted camping brand, so you know you’re getting a high-quality axe when you purchase this one.

What it may lack in extra features and add-ons it more than makes up for with price and reliability. The carbon-steel axe head is high-quality and can stand up to virtually everything you put in its way. The handle itself is made from steel, adding extra power to every swing.

The large anti-slip handle gives you complete control over the axe, whether you’re using it to chop food or prepare firewood. The axe head also features a notch that’s designed to make removing tent stakes easier than ever!

  • Very affordable camping axe
  • Anti-slip handle for improved safety
  • Notch for tent stake removal
  • Not many added features
  • No sheath included for storage

Fiskars is another trusted brand in the world of camping tools, and the X7 hatchet is another solid option for any camper. Designed to tackle small to medium-sized logs and branches, this axe is tough and efficient.

Focusing on the user experience, Fiskars designed this axe for optimal performance and power while reducing size and weight. The proprietary grinding technique ensures this axe head will stay sharp for the long-run.

Not only is the axe head one of the best on the market, the handle is extremely durable without added weight. Fiskars actually claims that this axe is virtually indestructible!

Measuring at 14-inches long, this axe is compact without sacrificing on quality.

  • Enhanced edge sharpness
  • Virtually indestructible handle
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Well-known brand
  • Not many added features

The next camping axe on our list is compact and durable, making it ideal for clearing brush and debris or chopping smaller logs and branches. The Schrade 11.1-Inch Hatchet is made from high-end stainless steel, meaning it’s meant to last.

The blade is 3.6-inches, giving it enough surface area to tackle tough cuts. With an overall weight of 1.6-pounds, you can use the axe easily without sacrificing power.

Schrade takes safety seriously by including a high-quality anti-slip rubber handle. You’ll also get a belt sheath for quick access when it’s needed.

The full-tang design makes it incredibly well balanced. Not only can you use this axe for all of your cutting and chopping needs, but you can also use the back of the axe head as a hammer.

  • Stainless steel axe head
  • Anti-grip rubber handle
  • Belt sheath included
  • Use axe head as hammer
  • Not many other features included
  • Not ideal for larger cutting jobs

The SOG Camp Axe is a compact, extremely tough axe that can stand up to even the toughest survivalist outings. The axe blade is 3.1 inches and the overall length is just over 11-inches.

Made out of high-quality stainless steel, this axe was designed for precise, powerful swings. No matter what you need a camping axe for, this axe can get the job done.

Like other axes on our list, you can also use the back of the axe head as a hammer. This axe comes with a durable sheath for added safety, as well as a lanyard hole at the base of the handle for easier mobility.

The handle itself is glass-reinforced nylon that’s just as tough as the axe head itself. 

  • Stainless steel axe head
  • Durable sheath for added safety
  • Compact design that doesn’t sacrifice power
  • The most expensive axe on the list
  • Some campers may prefer a larger axe

Choosing the Right Axe For Your Camping Needs

As you can see, there are tons of axes to choose from. Whether you need something basic for infrequent use or you’re looking for a trusty camping companion, there’s something out there for you.

It’s important to remember axe safety when using your new purchase. Only use an axe you’re comfortable with using. Never chop in the direction of others. Be aware of your surroundings.

A camping axe is a powerful tool that you can use virtually every day on your trip. All you need to do is find the one that meets you camping needs.

Rocco Bambace