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Hiking and camping with your dog can be a lot of fun, but if they’re not built for long outdoor adventures, you may find yourself leaving them behind more than you’d like to. I personally have a golden retriever and a beagle and love spending time with them outdoors. Whether it’s a casual hike or a multi-day camping trip, they make these trips even more fun.

If you don’t have a dog that thrives in the great outdoors like I do, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. A high-quality dog carrier lets you bring your furry friends along for the ride. These carriers are ideal for small puppies or small breed dogs to make your next outdoor adventure easier.

What To Look For In a Dog Carrier For Hiking and Travelling

Choosing the right dog carrier is an important decision for your own comfort as well as your dog’s comfort. Even if you’re only using the carrier temporarily on your hike, comfort is key.

The most important aspect that directly impacts comfort is the size of the carrier. Choose the right carrier size for your dog – most dog carriers are made for small dogs but pay attention to carrier measurements.

Materials also directly impact comfort. Look for carriers made from breathable fabrics and mesh.

Finally, you may also want to use your dog carrier for storage. Some high-end carriers have loads of extra storage, making it even easier to hike with your dog!

An affordable option that’s ideal for long hikes, the first carrier on our list makes it easy to get up and go with your dog.

The easy to use carrier is durable and comfortable to wear all day.

I love this carrier because it comes in multiple sizes. You can choose a small, medium, large, or extra-large.

The front-facing carrier lets your dog see all the action. It also lets you keep an eye on your dog (and feed him or her a few treats along the way!)

The four holes allow for his legs to stick out.

  • Very affordable
  • Padded straps and carrier fabric for added comfort
  • Easy to use buckles and zippers
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Not much added storage

The next dog carrier for hiking and travelling on our list is perfect for a small-breed dog or a puppy. This backpack has tons of space for your dog and allows them to move around in the carrier if needed.

Not all dogs are comfortable being wrapped tightly. The area is 13-inches by 16-inches, giving your dog plenty of space.

It’s also made from high-quality mesh, letting your dog see everything on your next hike. Keep your dog safe with the internal belt buckle that connects to your dog’s harness.

  • Space for your dog to move around
  • Additional storage 
  • Belt buckle for added safety
  • Chest strap to distribute weight
  • Best for small dogs under 10 pounds
  • Larger than a front-facing carrier – may not be ideal for longer hikes

This sport trainer backpack is designed for rugged outdoor adventures. Available in sizes from extra-small to large, you’ll easily find the right size for your dog. The durable, breathable material wicks away moisture to keep your dog comfortable all day.

If your dog is anxious or scared, this backpack may be a good option. The design keeps the dog wrapped tightly pressed to your back, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

You’ll also find an oversized pocket on one side, making it easy to carry treats, toys, and leashes!

  • Durable, moisture-resistant material
  • Sleek, mobile design
  • Keeps your dog safe
  • No room for your dog to move
  • Minimal additional storage

The next dog carrier on our list has expandable storage, giving your dog tons of extra room. The collapsed backpack is a decent size already, but the extendable compartment gives your dog twice the space to move around and get comfortable.

Large mesh walls keep your dog comfortable, while the padded flooring inside the backpack is ideal for an afternoon nap. There are also plenty of pockets to help with storage!

  • Two compartments for added space
  • Mesh walls
  • High-quality fabric
  • Primarily for smaller dogs

The last dog carrier on our list is perfect for dogs on the go! Designed for long-lasting adventure, this backpack keeps your dog safe and comfortable. It has a waterproof bottom and durable, breathable fabric.

The internal and external padding lets you carry your dog on long hikes. You’ll also love the storage options to make travelling with your dog even easier.

  • Enhanced padding for comfort and safety
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Tons of additional storage
  • Only for dogs 25-pounds and under
  • More expensive than other options on the list


A high-quality dog carrier lets you take your dog on virtually all of your adventures. Gone are the days of leaving your dog behind. Whether you have a dog built for the outdoors or a puppy just getting used to hiking, a dog carrier is a must-have for any hiker!

Rocco Bambace