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Hands so cold that you can’t feel them? Heated gloves are your answer!

Heated gloves are usually battery operated and ensure that your hands stay warm in the harshest of climates, where regular gloves often fail. This makes them perfect for snowy conditions, or even sub-zero temperatures. If you’re worried about your feet, heated insoles also come in handy.

We’ve come a long way from when this product was first introduced to the market. Now, there’s a ton of options out there for those looking to buy a pair. As with all purchases, each model comes with its own strengths, weaknesses, and overall quality levels. Below, you’ll find our top picks!

Why Do Our Hands Get So Cold? 

Most of us have felt the creeping feeling of our hands being frozen from the inside when we’re stuck in freezing weather for long periods of time. The feeling is uncomfortable, to say the very least. 

In the very worst cases, we start to lose sensation in our fingertips, then our palms. Eventually, our hands seem to lock up entirely. At that point, all we can do is keep them in our pockets and scowl until the bus finally arrives. 

Because our hands are so important for us to function in our daily lives, it’s tempting to blame their tendency to freeze on faulty human evolution. However, the fact that our hands and feet are first to freeze is an example of the ingenuity of evolution. 

As it turns out, the function of our vital organs is more important than retaining sensation in our hands. Our body ensures that our hands freeze first so that our organs can continue to work properly in order to keep us alive. Pretty cool, right? 

It sure is — but that doesn’t make our freezing hands any warmer!

The fact is that cold hands are uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. If you’re stuck outside in winter without the proper insulation for your hands, you’re risking frostbite. When taken to the extreme, frostbite can leave you with a hand or two less than you started with. 

As important as it is for our vital organs to function properly, we’d also like to keep our hands safe and warm. That’s where heated gloves come into the picture.

The 5 Best Heated Gloves 

On a low setting and with a full battery charge, Begleri’s heated gloves can keep users warm for a whopping 15 hours. They’re ideal for campers looking to keep their mitts warm in the wilderness. 

Most heated gloves are functionally waterproof, but Begleri takes things a notch higher. They’ve made sure to store the glove’s battery in an extra water-proof area by the wrist, which provides a bit of extra piece of mind. 

A nifty additional feature is the reflective coating on the outer layer of the gloves. This provides some added security to those travelling at night. 

On top of that, they’re also cell phone optimized — with their touch screen enabled fingertips, you’re free to use your phone as you wish without taking the gloves off. Just be sure not to get water on the device, especially if the screen doesn’t have a protective layer. 

Anyone shopping around for heated gloves should definitely have a look at Begleri’s product. All in all, this is a very solid pick.

  • Long battery life

  • Cell phone optimization
  • Reflective coating for nighttime safety
  • Sizing limitations

These leather heated gloves are perfectly tailored for motorcyclists looking to claim their freedom to roam in the wintertime. Though of course, that’s not to say these are made for bikers only.

With 4 different heat settings, Volt’s heated gloves are simply a great pick for anyone looking to maintain optimal hand warmth in cold weather. The variety of settings here allow you to pick the perfect level of heat. 

Their leather outer layer might make these gloves seem uncomfortable. However, the truth is quite the contrary — with a fluffy fleece inner lining, they’re quite soft on the inside. 

On top of that, Aquatex material has been cleverly implemented to allow them to be fully breathable and resistant to water. Moisture within the gloves (from sweat) escapes easily while rain and snow from the outside has a hard time getting in. 

With their durable, high quality build, these impressive heated gloves are sure to last for many years if you take care of them properly.

  • High quality design

  • Very comfortable
  • Great for motorcyclists
  • Somewhat low battery life

As a brand, Savior isn’t quite on par with some of the other names on this list. Despite that, they’re a big up and comer whose heated gloves are definitely worth having a look at. 

There are 3 different heat settings included, so you can choose the temperature that best suits you. Additionally, the heating elements are placed from the palm to the fingertips, allowing a full spread of warmth. 

The sheepskin leather featured here is of very high quality. These gloves are capable of producing battery powered heat for more than 6 hours. Even when you run out of battery, the natural insulation of the material will still keep you warm.

The downside here is that Savior’s heated gloves don’t pack quite the same levels of warmth as other top selections. If you’re looking to brave the very coldest winter climates out there, you’re better off with a pair of heated gloves specifically made for icy cold weather. 

However, if your area doesn’t freeze over from top to bottom in the winter, then these gloves are sure to do the job of keeping you warm.

  • Great insulation

  • Flexible fit
  • Optimal heating element spread
  • Not as warm as other models

Rabbitroom’s heated gloves offer a solid mix of reliability and quality. They’re waterproof, windproof, and fully touch-screen compatible. 

There’s a whopping 4 layers of insulation included here. With all those layers, the warmth is sure to stay within your grasp, quite literally. 

True to its name, Rabbitroom’s heated gloves make you feel snug as a rabbit in the dead of winter. Their natural warmth is a convenient feature considering the main flaw we’ve noticed.

For all the benefits on offer here, there’s a noteworthy drawback. The run time of the battery on these gloves leaves a lot to be desired. If you plan on spending several hours outside in cold weather, it’s better to opt for one of the longer lasting gloves. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for maximum heat for short periods of time, then the Rabbitroom Heated Gloves might just be the ideal pick for you.

  • Great insulation

  • Cell phone optimization
  • Strong heating capabilities
  • Short battery life

In the face of all variations of freezing weather, the Outdoor Research heated gloves are sure to keep users warm. True to the company’s name, its producers sought to create a truly resilient pair of gloves, and they’ve succeeded. 

These heated gloves feature EnduraLoft insulation, which allows you to keep your hands quite warm even when the heating elements are turned off. Despite how warm they can get, the overall build of the gloves is quite lightweight. 

Thanks to their leather palms, Outdoor Research’s gloves allow for an optimal grip. This makes them great for winter sports like skiing, and they’re also quite handy for outdoor workers who need to keep a solid grip on their power tools. 

The precurved finger construction further improves grip and flexibility. Really, it’s amazing how well-optimized this product is for winter activities. 

For anyone looking to heat their hands while still maintaining full freedom and dexterity, the Outdoor Research heated gloves are a well-designed marvel.

  • Excellent, high quality construction

  • Natural insulation
  • Multiple heat settings
  • None

Are Heated Gloves Really Worth It?

Whether heated gloves are worth investing in depends entirely on your specific needs. 

If you happen to live near the Amazon rainforest, we’re willing to bet you can get by without ever needing a pair of heated gloves. 

On the other hand, if you’re born and bred in the Yukon, then keeping a pair of heated gloves handy is sure to make your life a whole lot easier. 

Many of us find ourselves somewhere in between the two extremes, living in an environment with pretty hot summers and pretty cold winters. If that’s the case for you, it all depends on your susceptibility to cold and your lifestyle in winter. 

Some of us are more sensitive to the cold than others. If you’ve tried a number of non-battery powered gloves that still leave you cold and uncomfortable, then a good pair of heated gloves is definitely worth considering. 

In the same vein, you might be the type of person who seeks activity even in the cold of winter. While many of us huddle up at home to hide from freezing temperatures, you may be out there skiing, camping or working on your roof. 

Though, we’d definitely recommend saving that last one for springtime.

At any rate, if you’re active in the winter, then you’re likely to benefit from the warmth that heated gloves provide.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Since heated gloves have only been around for a relatively short period of time, common questions around their use still tend to arise. Here are some answers to a few of those.


Because of how thoroughly tested these products are, you can wear them confidently knowing that there’s an extremely low safety risk involved.

Even at the onset of the invention — way before they were optimized in the way they are today — manufacturers placed a heavy emphasis on ensuring that their heated gloves were completely safe for public use. 

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that everything in life has some risk associated to it. In this case, although heated gloves have been highly stress tested for water resistance, it’s best to always avoid submerging them in water — just to be safe. 

The products are as safety optimized as they can be, so as long as you’re prudent while wearing them, there’s nothing to worry about. 


There isn’t much practicality in removing your heated gloves when not in use. In most models, the amount of power used while in standby mode is highly negligible. You’d be saving decimal points of power at best. 


This one depends on the model in question, as some heated gloves get considerably warmer than others. 

The most powerful models can reach 150°F of internal temperature. Now that’s a pretty hot glove! 

Thankfully, since most heated gloves come with adjustable temperature settings, it’s easy to find and maintain your preferred level of warmth. 

Furthermore, some models are ingeniously insulated to allow full breathability within the glove. Even when it gets hot in there, it won’t feel too stuffy.

Say Goodbye to Cold Hands

If you’re willing to take the plunge and invest in a pair of heated gloves, you’ll be saying goodbye to the days of shivering fingertips and numb palms. 

Winter will rear is head year after year, whether we like it or not. All we can do is prepare for it, and heated gloves help us do just that. 

Hopefully this guide has given you a bit more insight for your shopping experience. Remember to take a close look at all the glove’s features before buying, and ensure they’ll be a right fit for your winter lifestyle. 

If you’re looking to be really set up to fight the cold, check out our picks for the best heated vests and jackets.

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