Camping is a great experience for all ages and is a perfect detox from our tech heavy lives. Being outside, next to nature and wildlife provides a range of benefits to your body, including exposure to vitamin D, increased focus, a clear head and reduced stress.

Camping games to play in your tent is a great way to wind down after enjoying a day full of activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing or even partying at a music festival in the forest! It also provides something to do when it’s raining or if you get bored.

Many of these games can be applied to all ages, with a focus on adults. If you are interested in more games tailored towards kids, check out our camping games for kids article. Enjoy!

Conversation Tent Games

Conversation games are great if you want to try something different from traditional games which require props such as Snap.

Two Thruths and a Lie

Player one shares three facts about themselves, where two of those are true and one is a lie. The other players must try and pick which fact was a lie. Players who guess correctly are allocated one point. Once every player has had their turn in sharing their facts, the player with the most points wins.

To turn this into a drinking game, if you guess wrong, you drink. If no one guesses wrong, then the liar drinks.

Chinese Whispers/ Broken Telephone

The player that begins the game will think of a sentence to pass on to the next person, but it must be whispered so that no one else hears it. That person then whispers it to the next person and by the time it reaches the last person in your group, the sentence is bound to have changed.

For example, “I forgot my camping pillow at home”. By the time it reaches the last person, it could be interpreted as something like “If i got my pamping pillow at home”..

The player that begins can also write down the sentence so that no cheating occurs. The longer or more abstract that the sentence is, the harder it is for the last person to get it correct. Other variations include whispering a rumor about other players.

Once Upon A Time

Create your own wonderful story! Someone starts off by saying “once upon a time” and the next person in the group continues the story by adding their own sentence such as, “there was a confused lizard”.

This continues until the last person adds their sentence and you can choose to go another round and continue the story or start again.

The more creative, abstract or weird the sentences are, the better the story becomes.

Never Have I Ever

Players take turns in asking the group about things they haven’t done such as “never have i ever broken a chair when sitting down on it”. Anyone in the group that has ever done that in the past has to drink. If no one drinks, then the person saying the particular “never have i ever” has to drink.

This can also be played with your fingers or coins if your group doesn’t want to drink and it goes around in a circle. Whoever has the most coins at the end of the round wins.

Would You Rather?

Players must choose between two hypothetical choices such as “would you rather see into the future or change the past?”. Other players must explain their answer and this can lead to interesting responses or even debates.

The more difficult the question, the better the responses. Here is a list of some awesome starter questions.

For in-depth games, you can also check out Chopsticks or The Voting Game.

Classic/ Card Tent Games

There are many fun classic or card games to play in your tent. Here is a list of some that we love.


The aim of the game is to build a tower of 54 blocks and then pull out the pieces without the tower falling over. Each piece that is removed must be placed back ontop of the tower which ends up creating an unstable structure. It is a game of physical skill and the player that makes the tower topple over loses.

Connect 4

This is a two-player game and is played on a vertical board where you take turns in dropping colored discs from the top of a seven-column, six-row grid. The aim is to be the first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four of one’s own discs

Card Games

There are many great card games, with some requiring more effort to learn than others. Some of our favorite card games are Bullshit, Uno and Snap. If you have a lot of time to kill, Monopoly Deal and Ultimate Werewolf are also great card games.

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