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When you set out for a camping trip with the family, one of the most important components on your checklist is where you will sleep. After a full day of outdoor exploration, you should enjoy a restful night away from the uncertainties of nature. Even though you have options such as hammocks, family tents are a chance to bring the family closer.

Before you pack for your trip, check out some of the comfortable family tents that come from reputable companies and with great reviews. This compilation answers some of the right questions you might be asking about family tents.

Planning for a camping trip as a large family can be a daunting task. However, when you’ve got a tent that can comfortably hold 10 people, you’re doing most things right. Apart from the screen room that serves as a baggage or lounge area, the rest of the tent is well lit and spacious enough to be well aerated.

This tent can withstand moderately rough weather during all seasons. The anti-fungus floor and the high tub design increase the tent’s weather protection. The reinforced rainfly offers boosted performance against the rain.

The frame is constructed out of shock-corded fiberglass with a pin and ring system that adds to the sturdiness of the tent especially in windy conditions. The polyurethane material and anti-mosquito mesh are a classy touch to make sure the interior stays cozy all through the night. There’s plenty of pockets inside for the personal essentials of a camping trip.

  • Color coded poles
  • Double layered laminated rainfly
  • Anti-mosquito mesh
  • Anti-fungus floor
  • Easy for heavy wind to sweep off
  • Storage bad is made from thin material

This 8-person tent is perfect for a calm night out when the weather is mighty friendly. The inverted T-style door zips open into a 60sq foot screen room that is perfect as a mudroom or baggage area. The steel uprights and corner elbows give this tent the stability to hold up against mild winds.

Wake up to sun rays thanks to the mesh sunroof and large windows. The tent can hold 2 Queen airbeds and ample overhead clearance of about 6.5 feet. It has a removable rainfly that you can deploy in wet weather. The vent at the back lets in clean fresh air to maintain proper circulation within the tent.

Each room is decked out with pockets and an overhead attachment for personal effects and lamps respectively. The zippers, threads and webbing are water-repellent making this tent a good option for most weather conditions.

  • Zippered windows with inside flaps
  • Sturdy roof frame
  • Waterproof Polyurethane coating
  • Powercorner design for stability
  • Warranty doesn’t cover wind and rain damage

Coleman is a respected brand on all matters outdoors. This tent is no exception. With its floorless bug-free screen room that can be turned into a lounge area, this tent is a comfortable fit for few nights out in the wild. The door is raised to prevent water and bugs. The upper part has a roll-up that you increases lighting into the screen room.

The main room can host 2 Queen beds. It has a height clearance of 6 feet 8 inches. The tent is developed for all-weather use. The water-resistant fabric is complemented by the leak-free seams, waterproof floors, and zipper protections. The 19mm steel poles are enough to keep the tent grounded during windy weather.

Inside, some special touches include an e-port that brings power to the tent. There are also multiple pockets in the rooms where you can store personal effects that are likely to get lost. Coleman has thrown plenty of technology touches to make this tent fun. The Variflow system and all-mesh ceiling make the tent stay fresh and well aerated.

  • Floorless bug free screenroom
  • Hinged door
  • Waterproof zipper protection
  • Protected seams
  • You have to manually waterproof the seams

This tent is a home away from home. It comes in a bright color that is sure to make your camping area a little more ‘poppy’. This tent is exactly what you need when you are running out of time and you need to set up quick. The setup process is as easy as the takedown process.

The tent is made out of long-lasting polyester that should perform well in wet conditions. The seams come taped to keep water out of the tent. The two-way zippers and removable rainfly are extra steps to keeping the inside of your family tent cozy and dry.

When it comes to space, this tent will sleep 6 people. However, feel free to use it even when you’re 2 people short. It fits 2 airbeds. The breathable mesh roof and windows make this tent well aired and lit. The mesh does an exemplary job to keep bugs out too. It comes with a carry bag that makes packing this tent a breeze.

  • Minimal effort set up
  • 2-way zippers
  • Mesh room and windows
  • Taped seams
  • Might get compromised during heavy rainfall

This 5-person tent is built for stability. The structure is supported by fiberglass poles and steel uprights. The tall center and sidewalls give extra support to the tent. The mesh roof is a classy touch to a made-for-comfort tent.

You wouldn’t want wet conditions to put a damper on your experience. That is why everything from the fly to the floor is waterproof polyester. The seams are also factory sealed to mitigate any accidental dripping.

Speaking of weather, the 3 windows and large door provide large spaces to let in air and maintain proper circulation within the tent. Fit your beds, cots and other conviniences into the tent as you transform this tent into a homey retreat.

  • Large windows
  • Steel stakes and fiberglass poles
  • Protected polyester floor
  • Extra tall center height
  • The zipper cannot hold up after too much use

What To Check When Buying Family Tents


The best material for tents is arguably either polyester or nylon. Nylon is abrasion resistant and waterproof. Polyester is light and waterproof. These are also easy to clean up during and after your camping trip.


Size is a major consideration when you are looking for family tents. For a family of four, you need a tent big enough to hold at least 2 Queen beds. The mudroom should also be large enough to hold everyone’s luggage.

Ease of set up

Always try to get a tent that takes minimum effort to set up. Some family tents will need extra muscle to set up. Always get to the camping area before time so you can have ample time to locate a nice flat place to set up your tent.


The weather can get rather erratic. You need a tent with strong poles and a wide base to make sure it holds up against the wind. You also need it to stay up if there is rain outside. Look for poles you can dig into the ground.

Weather performance

While you plan for your camping trip, get a tent that can serve you during most seasons. Most family tents will perform well in gentle months such as summer. Check for features such as raised floors and outside flaps and rain flys.

Extra attachments

Extra pockets, hooks for lighting equipment, and electronic fixtures are great extras to have in a family tent. They save you the hassle of having to go through your bags for personal effects.


Air circulation is an important factor in family tents. It not only keeps the interior fresh, it also helps in keeping out mosquitoes and bugs.

Verdict on Family Tents

You can get a family tent within your budget. Always make sure you get a tent that leaves you with extra room just to avoid getting cramped.

Kelvin Mwathi