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You spend hours prepping for your next camping adventure, gathering your gear, and planning your trip. You head out to your next camping stop and set up your tent – just for torrential rain to start. If you don’t have a waterproof tent, you’re in for a rough trip.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tents that are designed to withstand rain and storms. Waterproof tents are the ideal choice for virtually any camping trip. Whether it’s a casual trip with friends or an intense wilderness excursion, you need a tent for rain and other intense weather situations.

What To Look For In Tents For Rain and Wet Conditions

There are a few specific things that you should look for when shopping for a rainproof tent. First, always check the materials that the tent is made from. Polyester is always the best choice for rainy conditions. While other materials can be more breathable, polyester is the best tent material if you’re looking for something you can take out in rough weather.

Second, look for features that are specific to tents designed for rain. Typically you’ll find special waterproof features, such as:

  • Reinforced flysheets to divert water
  • Dual-layer tent walls and ceilings
  • Inverted seams to seal edges of the tent

Without these features, water may leak into the tent.

Finally, some tents may be rated specifically for waterproof qualities, although an official rating isn’t necessary to get a high-quality tent. You may notice waterproof ratings listed with some tents, such as PU1000mm or PU2000mm. These ratings indicate the amount of water the material can resist, with the higher number being more waterproof than lower numbers.

Are Rainproof Tents Expensive?

The great news is that waterproof tents are typically around the same price as their non-waterproof counterparts. You may pay more for increased tent size, additional features, and specific brands, but our research shows that you won’t necessarily pay more just for waterproofing features.

There are quite a few high-quality tents out there with impressive rain-resistant features. From entry-level tents that are budget-friendly to massive multi-person tents loaded with features, there’s definitely a rain-resistant tent out there for you.

The first tent for rain in our list of top recommendations is the always reliable Coleman Sundome Tent. Designed with every camper in mind, this tent is perfect for casual campers, large groups, and those looking for intense adventure.

Available in multiple sizes from as small as two people and as many as six people, the Coleman Sundome Tent focuses on simple, effective features that won’t break the bank.

This tent has a polyester flysheet to keep water away from the entrance as well as welded corners and inverted seams to stop leaking.

In addition to some great rainproof features, the Coleman Sundome Tent has additional reinforcements to withstand high winds. The strong frame is designed to stand up to winds that are 35 miles per hour.

You’ll rest easy in this tent with the large windows and ground vent to keep you cool without letting rain in. Setup and takedown are also incredibly easy. The entire system can be set up in under 10 minutes and taken down even quicker.

  • Waterproof polyester materials
  • Included flysheet for extra rain protection
  • Welded corners and inverted seams
  • Additional vents for cooling comfort
  • Very affordable
  • Maximum size is six people
  • Not many additional features that some campers are looking for

With a unique, rugged design and impressive waterproof feature, the Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent comes in at number two on our list of top tents for rain. Featuring a yurt-like shape that’s incredibly easy to set up, this tent is designed to stand up to intense weather conditions.

The outer layer is a waterproof polyester while the inner layer is breathable mesh. This tent is perfect for hot days as well as stormy weather. There is a flysheet included that can keep the rain away from the entrance as well as act as a sun shield for sunny days.

While the tent itself can only fit two to three people, it’s extremely simple to set up. The automatic setup design allows you to lift from the top of the tent to expand and secure the tent to the ground with ease.

The Hewolf Waterproof Tent is also much taller than the average tent, making it a great option if you’re looking for more room but don’t need space for a lot of campers.

  • Dual-layer design for improved water resistance
  • Flysheet included
  • Simple setup process
  • Affordable
  • Room for three people maximum
  • Not many additional features

For those of you that need lots of room for your next camping trip, check out the Core 9 Person Instant Camping Tent. This massive tent has room for nine people to sleep comfortably and can be set up in just 60 seconds.

That’s enough room for two queen mattresses, making this one of the roomiest waterproof tents on the market. The rain fly is actually the roof of the tent and can be completely removed to reveal a high-quality mesh layer. If you’re a stargazer, this is the tent for you.

This tent also features heat-sealed seams to keep the water out. In fact, all of the seams from the rain fly down are heat sealed for ultimate protection against the elements.

Finally, if you need some separation from the rest of your camping party, this tent comes with a convenient room divider to turn one tent into two!

  • One of the largest tents available, with room for 9
  • Heat-sealed seams for added water protection
  • Room divider included
  • Full mesh ceiling with removable rain fly
  • One of the more expensive tent options on our list
  • Not ideal for carrying to multiple sites

For those that don’t need room for nine campers, the Forceatt Camping Tent is another great option. With room for up to three people, this tent is ideal for campers on the move. Featuring simple setup and enhanced durability, the Forceatt tent is a must-see.

The material is high-end polyester with an additional waterproof coating, giving it excellent water resistance for those rainy days and nights.

The rainfly is simple to attach and remove and the welded floors secure the seams to prevent water leakage from the ground.

If you’re a camper that likes to set up at different locations, the Forceatt is extremely portable. The tent collapses into an easy-to-carry bag and weighs just 5.5 pounds.


  • Ideal for campers on the move
  • Rates well for waterproof materials
  • Welded floors and seams
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Can be more expensive than similarly-sized tents that have fewer features

Last but certainly not least on our list of top tents for rain is the Ayamaya Pop Up Tent With Vestibule. This unique tent fits up to six campers and is extremely simple to set up. In fact, it takes mere seconds; simply toss the tent and the pre-assembled poles do the rest.

The tent features a double-layer of water protection with high-quality polyester fabric. The two layers are intentionally gapped to allow for increased ventilation.

With fabric and groundsheet ratings of over PU3000mm, this tent can stand up to a lot. Additionally, this tent features heat-sealed seams for even more protection.

With a simple to remove rainfly and an added vestibule for storage, the Ayamaya Pop Up Tent is an excellent choice for your next camping adventure.

  • Setup takes just seconds
  • High waterproof ratings
  • Vestibule for added storage
  • Less visibility from inside the tent than other options on the list

Is a Tent For Rain the Right Choice for Me?

Even if you’re an infrequent camper, the truth is that you should absolutely be looking for a tent that is at least waterproof. If not, even the slightest rainfall can derail your camping trip. As you can see from our list, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality tent that’s packed with features.

Camping in harsh conditions can be a daunting experience, but if you plan accordingly and pack the right gear, it can be a worthwhile experience you’ll never forget!

Rocco Bambace