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A classic setting for a camping trip in the heart of mother nature is always memorable. Every enthusiastic camper knows that. Can you imagine counting the stars in a calm and clear sky? Or, roasting marshmallows by the side of a smoky fire? And, on daybreak, you bask in the oppressive and harsh afternoon sun. These make up some of the ingredients of a memorable camping trip, don’t they?

But the environment may not always be as friendly as we expect it to be. Hiking and walking trails may consist of terrains that are too challenging to maneuver—camping sites filled with a barrage of bugs and sharp objects. Even more, there are serious side effects of the scorching sun on the body. You also need to protect your skin and your eyes.

Look, the skin is the largest body organ. It plays a significant role relating to body sensation, regulation, and protection. So, while camping provides a perfect outdoor adventure, the skin needs protection from the harsh outdoor environment. It is susceptible to blistering, swelling, and pain. Think sunburns.

Simple sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays. On the other hand, an array of skincare tips will take care of the skin. Essential tips involve regular cleanup while advanced tips require moisturizing and toning. We want to see your skin protected during and after camping.

Preparation for the Trip

Everything starts with trip preparation. As you pack your camping gear, remember to include skincare products. Be conscious of the quantity. And that will depend on how long you will be in the wilderness. What will you need to protect yourself from? That’s another vital question you’ll keep at the back of your mind as you pack.

Your routine skincare procedure at home may do – but this will only apply if the home weather is the same as that of your camping destination. Skincare products to pack should include lip balms, body wipes, moisturizers, lotions, and lipsticks, among other essentials.

Carry Cleansing Wipes for Your Body and Face

Camping body wipes are a must-have for any enthusiastic camper. Camping is enjoyable and refreshing, but only when you are in good shape and hygiene. Wipes help you to get rid of sweat and dust. They also help you to sanitize and stay hygienic.

However, that shouldn’t make you go out and litter the environment. As a nature lover, consider carrying biodegradable and unscented wipes. They are nature friendly, yet they still clean and moisturize your skin.

Moreover, the best options have both anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. These features help to protect your skin from bugs and bacteria. And they keep your skin healthy despite the hardships.

What about scents? Many of us like scents, but they are great for home and city life. Don’t wear scented makeup in the wilderness. Most scents attract mosquitoes and other bugs. Besides, strong fragrances irritate bees. We don’t camp to disturb nature, do we?

Consider the Climate

Also, be conscious of the environment in the area you are going to camp in. If you are going to a semi-arid region, consider carrying with you a few two-in-one wipes to clear grime on your skin. Also, bring a small bottle for your face wash, don’t forget a moisturizer as well. Because this keeps your skin supple, ensuring it doesn’t flake or tighten. 

If you are considering enjoying your trail by the lakeside, be sure you’ll spend most of the time in the scorching sun. Ensure you carry with you a sunscreen to prevent your skin from sunburn.

Relieving Sunburn and Dry Skin

Indeed, being outdoor feels incredibly refreshing, but it may leave your skin irritated and dry. You can combat this using a surface repairing salve. Look for a formulation that suits your skin. Carry it out to alleviate minor ailments all through the day.

Through the use of the right moisturizer, you can take care of your sensitive skin, bug bites, or the scratches that come with the hiking trail. You will be amazed at how a small amount of salve applied will help combat the discomforts making your camping more thrilling.

Taking Care of Your Lips

Be on the lookout! You’ll probably end up with peeling or chapped lips during or after your trip. Don’t take chances. A simple lip scrub from brown sugar and honey should help you prevent or cure such issues.

Once the Camping is Over

An extended camping trip may always have some adverse effects. So, don’t be so depressed when you notice any skin problems. They will range from mild to severe issues. Manage slight issues from home and consider seeing your doctor for severe issues.

The Take-Away

Your skin requires care and protection. It needs more attention away from home when the conditions are extra-ordinary. That’s why skincare during camping becomes a big deal. But that doesn’t mean that you carry an entire box of products. Outdoor skincare starts from simple aspects such as lathering and cleaning your body to more specialized procedures like skin moistening and nourishing. Are you now ready to face nature without endangering your skin? Venture out and come back sound and healthy!

Kelvin Mwathi