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Cooking nutritious meals and washing up after the fact can be tricky while you’re outside. That’s why you need a quality camping sink to help you keep things neat and hygienic in the mountains.

There are dozens of camping sinks out there, however, so finding the right one for your needs is no walk in the park. To help you select the perfect portable wash basin for your needs, here are 5 of the best models available for you to choose from.

Designed with portability in mind, the Ultimate Survival Technologies FlexWare Collapsible Sink is a convenient choice for camping.

It’s made with a thermoplastic rubber body that can hold up to 16 liters of water. That’s just enough water to accommodate a load of dinner dishes, to ensure a more efficient clean up process.

The rubber body on this sink is also completely collapsible, so it packs down relatively small for added portability. Plus, this rubber is BPA-free for peace of mind in camp.

One of the coolest aspects of this sink is its dual carry handles. These handles make it easier to move the sink around camp when it’s full. As a result, you can more quickly transport the sink from the potable water station to your campsite.

Moreover, the sink’s sturdy plastic rim and rugged base provide added durability during your camping trips. They also allow the FlexWare Collapsible Sink to turn into a carrying basket when it’s not helping you wash up after dinner.

  • Highly portable design
  • 2 carry handles for transport
  • BPA-free rubber body
  • Durable base and rum
  • Can double as a carry basket
  • Large label sticker on underside can be difficult to remove

When simplicity is your chief concern, the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink is hard to beat.

Crafted out of durable sil-nylon fabric, this sink is exceptionally portable, which makes it a nice choice for car camping or backpacking. At the same time, however, the inherent durability of sil-nylon makes it rugged enough for regular use.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this model is how it can stand upright once it’s filled with water. When you fill the Kitchen Sink with up to 10L of water, it naturally holds its own shape and stays in place wherever it is on the ground.

This stability is a result of the sink’s integrated stainless steel ring. Thanks to this ring, the sink can stand upright without collapsing or tipping over.

Moreover, the wash basin’s 2 webbing handles make it easy enough to transport to and from your campsite. These handles also allow the sink to be used as a basket, while the large size of the sink also make it useful for collecting water for your campsite.

  • Compact packed size
  • Made from durable sil-nylon
  • Stainless steel ring prevents accidental spills
  • 2 large webbing handles for easier transportation
  • Can be used as a carry basket
  • Relatively small size (10L)

Bringing the creature comforts of home into the outdoors, the Hike Crew Portable Camping Sink makes convenience a top priority.

A pedestal-style sink, just like what you might find in a bathroom at home, this model stands comfortably at counter-height level for ease of use in the outdoors. It has a 19L fresh water tank built right in, which can provide up to 100 hand washes on a single fill-up.

The sink features a set of rolling wheels and carry handles for easier transport. Although it’s not exactly the lightest and most compact model, it’s still appropriately sized for use while car camping.

With this sink, you create water pressure and flow by using the foot pump located right on top of the water tank. This causes the water to zoom up to the faucet and flow directly into the wash basin.

Additionally, this sink comes with a liquid soap dispenser that can hold up to 2.8 liters of soap. For even more convenience, Hike Crew built this model with a towel rack to help you dry off your hands after washing.

  • Countertop height sink
  • Foot pump to create water pressure
  • 19L water tank provides hundreds of washes
  • Built-in soap dispenser and towel holder
  • Wheels and carry handle for transport
  • Large transport size
  • Basin is a little small for washing dishes

A unique option for people who like to take a minimalist approach to their gear, the Tye Works Wash System is a rugged and durable option for staying clean during your adventures.

With this camp sink, you get a simple, hands-free tool for washing your hands and dishes. It comes with a spigot that can attach to the side of a 5 gallon bucket (bucket not included) that serves as your wash basin in the outdoors.

The spigot is then attached to a foot pump and a tube that can be placed in a second bucket full of water. Then, when you press down on the foot pump, you create enough water pressure to send water rushing through the spigot so you can wash your hands or do the dishes.

Moreover, the spigot comes with a small attachment system where you can place a bottle of soap for easy access. When you’re ready to pack up camp, you can place the entire system inside the included storage bag for easy transport.

This sink is made in the USA by a small Washington-based manufacturer. It comes with a lifetime warranty on all of its metal parts and even a no-questions-asked exchange or repair option for up to 12 months after purchase for peace of mind as you shop.

  • Made in the USA
  • Simple, yet functional design
  • Has a soap bottle attachment system
  • Durable materials
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Requires 2 buckets (not included)

Crafted to meet the needs of any outdoor adventure, the Cold Creek Outfitters Ultimate Work Station is a functional option for any camp kitchen.

This 2 sink clean-up station features a large workstation made from high-density polyethylene for durability. It has a table-style design with a rugged steel frame that folds up for easier transport to and from camp.

With this model, you get a 2.5” deep sink and a 4.5” deep sink, which allows for hand washing and dishwashing all in one place. There’s also a set of lightweight polyethylene inserts that can be used to cover up the sink holes for more food prep space before your meal.

Additionally, this model has a sizable refuse hole on the side where you can place a trash bag that can serve as a garbage bin during food prep and clean up.

To use the Cold Creek Outfitters Ultimate Work Station, you’ll need to be at a campsite with water hookups. If so, you can simply attach a hose to the sink to provide water flow to the faucet.

  • Table-style design with a standing-height countertop
  • Durable steel frame
  • 2 sinks for added convenience
  • Comes with sink covers for extra work space
  • Refuse hole for trash management
  • Needs a water hookup


A camping sink is a must for anyone that wants to save time on clean-up after mealtime. These sinks can greatly improve the quality of your camping experience, the key is to find the one that’s right for your needs

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