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Let’s face it: Camping can be a muddy and dirty affair. But, with the right shower tent, you can stay clean and hygienic even on an extended expedition.

A quality camp shower is a perfect way to wash off muck and grime at the end of a long day on the trail. With so many great options to choose from, though, finding just one for your needs can be tricky.

To get you started, here are our reviews of the five best shower tents on the market today, complete with everything you need to know to choose one for your next adventure.

How To Choose A Shower Tent

Camp showers are quite complex pieces of gear, so it’s important that you know what to look for as you’re shopping around. Here are some things to keep in mind during the selection process:

  1. Center Height. The tallest campers among us know all too well what it’s like to try and wash up under a shower that’s a bit too short. Thus, the center height of a camp shower can have a significant impact on your experience, particularly if you’re vertically inclined.
  2. Durability. No one wants to buy a piece of gear that’s just going to break after a few uses. So, when shopping for a camp shower, it’s important to look for a model that has burly poles and thick, rip-stop fabric that can survive frequent use.
  3. Floor Design. There are two main types of camp shower floor designs: fixed and removable. Fixed floors help to keep your feet clean and they offer excellent protection against the bugs because they are permanently attached to the shower. However, they are often less efficient at draining water.
    On the other hand, you can get a shower with a removable floor. This provides better airflow through the shower and is better at draining water. But, since they leave a large gap between the floor and the tent itself, they provide no protection against those annoying mosquitoes and biting flies.
  4. Ventilation. It can get pretty steamy inside a camp shower, so it’s critical that your shower tent has adequate ventilation. Models that have large mesh windows, as well as mesh roofs are a good option.
  5. Gear Storage. It’s nice to have somewhere to store your clothing and other important bits of gear as you shower. Many models come with a towel bar, a built-in mesh shower caddy, or even a completely separate room where you can keep your gear as you bathe.
  6. Setup. Most camping showers feature a popup tent setup which means that the setup process is simple and easy. They’re also very quick to fold down so that no time is wasted.

The WolfWise Pop-Up Shower tent is built using 190D ripstop polyester for added durability. It features UPF 30+ sun protection that blocks up to 60% of UV rays, as well as a water-repellent finish and taped seams for use in damp environments.

As far as showering goes, the tent has a 74.8 inch (1.89m) center height, so it’s tall enough to accommodate most campers. It also offers ample ventilation, thanks to its mesh top design and large zippered window.

This camp shower purposefully doesn’t have a floor so that it’s easier for water to drain out quickly. Additionally, it has a side pocket for storing your most important pieces of gear, as well as a clothesline for hanging towels and spare layers.

Finally, the WolfWise Pop-Up features an instant design that can be set up in a few minutes by a solo camper. It also weighs just 4.3lbs and folds up into a convenient carry case for easier transport to and from the campground.

  • Made with durable fabric that has UV protection and water-repellent coating
  • Fairly high center height for taller campers
  • Side pocket for gear storage and clothesline for hanging towels
  • Instant set-up design
  • Lack of floor means that there is no protection from the bugs
  • Not strong enough to hold a solar shower – best for battery-powered camp showers

The Nemo Heliopolis is a luxurious companion to the company’s Helio Portable Camp Shower. It has a hose passthrough port and a nozzle attachment system. That way, you can use your Helio Shower, or any battery-powered camp shower, hands-free while outside.

This privacy shelter is made from a durable 75D PeU polyester fabric with 1500mm of water-resistance. It also has large mesh panels for bug protection, as well as ventilation. The shower has a burly aluminum pole set-up that’s anti-rust for use in wet environments.

Additionally, the Heliopolis has a locking door mechanism so you can secure the tent as you shower for added privacy. For extra convenience, the tent has an included battery-powered light so you can shower at night.

Plus, it has a sturdy and rip-resistant floor with a French-style drain to help keep bugs out during the summer. It also comes with a 7 foot (2.1m) high ceiling, an overhead towel rack, and a toilet paper holder for double-duty use as a privacy shield with a camp toilet.

I’ve personally used this shower tent while rinsing off with the Helio on frontcountry camping trips and have been impressed with how functional and durable it is.

  • Made with very durable materials and strong anti-rust aluminum poles
  • Locking door for added privacy
  • Full floor with French-style drain to keep bugs out
  • Included battery-powered light for nighttime showering
  • Good gear storage options
  • Very expensive
  • Fairly heavy (9lb 7oz (4.27kg)

The Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Shower is a good option for campers that want a lot of privacy. This tent features an instant set-up process, thanks to its pre-attached and durable aluminum pole design.

It has two separate rooms so you can shower in one and change in another. This allows you to keep your clothes dry and provides you with a more comfortable changing location.

Within the shower, there are plenty of mesh panels to provide lots of airflow. The shower floor can also keep bugs out while allowing water to escape through the mesh drain.

The shower features a towel rack and a toiletries holder for added convenience as you rinse off. It also has a removable rainfly for showering in the rain, and it comes with its own 5-gallon solar shower.

  • Two room design allows you to shower in one and change in another
  • Large mesh panels for plenty of airflow and natural light
  • Has a floor to keep bugs out, plus a removable rainfly for showering in bad weather
  • Shower rack and toiletries holder
  • Comes with an included 5-gallon solar shower
  • Very heavy (16lbs/7.3kg)

The CORE Two Room Shower Tent is a good companion for car camping adventures. It has an integrated steel pole design that allows it to be set up in under a minute.

This camping shower is made with a ripstop polyester fabric that has UPF 50+ fabric that can block out up to 97% of the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally, it features a 7 foot (1.2m) ceiling height which is tall enough to accommodate almost every camper.

For added privacy, this shower tent has an attached changing room with a full mesh roof and a mesh floor. The shower itself has a sponge-padded waterproof floor for added comfort.

Finally, the tent has a removable rain fly for use while showering in the rain and two towel racks, storage pockets, well as a locking door. It also comes with its own 5-gallon hand-held solar shower, so it’s a true all-in-one package.

  • Includes a 5-gallon hand-held solar shower
  • Durable fabric with UPF 50+ protection
  • High central ceiling height (7ft/1.2m) and two room design
  • Integrated steel pole design with instant set up
  • Lots of gear storage options and towel racks
  • Fairly expensive
  • No good hook options for hanging up shower head for hands-free showering

The Texsport Portable Shower Tent is an all-included camp shower system. It has rust-resistant and robust steep poles with heavy-duty taffeta walls for durability throughout years of use.

This camp shower features a high ceiling height of 7’3” (2.2m) and has a large D-style door for easy entry and exit. The tent also has two no-see-um mesh windows with zippered panels to allow for ventilation on hot days and rain protection in foul weather.

It can be set up with or without the included rainfly for added weather protection. Additionally, it has a rip-stop polyethylene floor for keeping your feet clean as you shower.

This tent also includes its own 5-gallon solar shower, which can be hung up on a centralized hook system. Plus, it comes with a hanging towel bar and a mesh shower caddy for storing your toiletries as you bathe.

  • High central ceiling height (7’3”/2.2m)
  • Includes a 5-gallon solar shower
  • Hanging towel bar and mesh shower caddy for gear storage
  • Durable and rust-resistant steel poles
  • Removable rain fly and zippered mesh windows for rain protection
  • Large gap between floor and tent bottom can be problematic in buggy locations
  • Can take a while to set up

The Verdict

A shower tent is a must-have piece of gear if you’re looking to stay squeaky clean on your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re interested in a luxurious fully-featured shower house or a simple privacy shelter, there’s a camp shower out there for your needs.

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